Push Notification Service

Push notification marketing is a form where companies update their consumers about their products, services, and promotions over
their phone screen via notifications on a variety of devices. As low as 52% of smartphone users have enabled push notifications on their devices.

Push Notification For Web/App

By push notification marketing, businesses can welcome the user to their business, direct them to social media channels, engage them with promotional or interactive content, and build a trust base.


Push notification is another growing form of digital marketing. This method is targeted to smartphone users only – although 3 billion people as of today are not using a smartphone and cannot be marketed using this method. This number of cellular phone users is projected to increase by thousands each year.

A New Way to Reach Your Audience

Real Time Communication

Real time communication allows you to interact with your user over web or app. Real time notification is used to maximize user interaction and awareness.

Convert Visitors Into Buyer

Push notification is the best way to interact with your audience and notify visitors based on their interest; that convert visitors into buyers and maximize ROI.

Personalized Notifications

Personalized notification is used for eCommerce and product marketing campaign. Its a specifically fired based on the used past activity and interest. Its used to re-target & engagement.

Why We Are #1 Push Notification Service Provider?

Knowing that push notifications are a standalone type of tactic, but they can be embedded into your comprehensive marketing strategy to connect with customers in a more personalized way. As of 2019, the average smartphone users receive 46 push notifications per day with a 53.3% opt-in rate across all devices. Android users are automatically enrolled in an opt-in delivered to them with 91.1% while iOS users have to willingly opt-in with a 43.9% opt-in rate.


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