Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves product placement and endorsement from influencers. Celebrities most of the time,
influencers are the people who have the expertise, some kind of authority, or immense knowledge.

Influencer Marketing That Drive Growth

Companies are keeping their game on. Finding the right influencer is considered difficult by 61% of companies while the rates of influencer posts have risen beyond all social media platforms. YouTubers charged $400 in 2014 and the cost per endorsement in 2019 is around $6700, while influencers on Instagram cost $134 in 2014 and $1600 in 2019. This is not the extreme point and you can imagine the decrease in print media usage. 63% of the businesses are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget next year.

Hiring a top-end influencer is not cheap these days. Kylie Jenner and like celebrities can make more than $1 million per Instagram post, and Cristiano Ronaldo costs over $975,000 for one sponsored Instagram post, this rate is because of the buzz these celebrities create in the public globally. Let’s think of the revenue such celebrities drive-in. For every $1 spent, companies make $5.20 on average. The top 13% of companies using influencer marketing make more than $20, and only the bottom 25% of companies fail to bring in any revenue using this form of digital marketing.

Choosing The Right Influencer For your Brand

Choose Perfect Brand Fit Influencer

We have immense network to find the best fit influencer for your brand and campaign. Choosing the right influencer with right platforms and strategic plan leads to success.

Maximize ROI For Any Campaign / Brand

If you already running the campaign and not receiving the satisfied results, our influencer marketing expert will help you to analyse the campaign and drive leads.

279% Average Growth Of Campaign

Over completing more than 100 of campaigns, our average growth rate is 279% and that makes us a leading influencer marketing agency.

Why We Are #1 Influencer Marketing Agency?

The trend is changing now. Bloggers and YouTube/Instagram celebrities, besides top names in influencers, are ruling this marketing industry. For example, departmental store chains are hiring YouTubers and fashion bloggers can get millions for their videos and posts respectively. As a matter of fact, micro-influencers having 10,000 to 100,000 followers are featuring about 90% of the influencer marketing campaigns.

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