Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is the oldest yet one of the most effective methods of digital marketing methods that are being used for digital marketing.
Emails for the promotion of products or services have been used since the start of the internet.

Fueled Email Marketing Success

As social media or content marketing has taken control of the digital marketing methods, but email marketing is still very much popular among growing companies. Digging number will reveal that 90% of marketers use email marketing, 81% of the small businesses use it as their primary acquisition channel, and 80% rely on this for customer retention as this method is most like by the consumers around the globe. For a figurative idea, 51% of the US consumers chose emails as the preferred method to be contacted by brands, 73% of them are millennials. 59% of the US consumers also declared that email marketing impacts their minds to make purchase decisions.

The key aspects of email marketing to consider while launching an email marketing campaign are that your emails should be individualized, interactive, and warm welcoming. The open rate of the welcome email is far more with 82% than an average email with 21%. Personalized emails have a 50% higher click-through rate then irrelevant or impersonalized emails. On the other hand, emails with interactive content have an open rate of as much as 300%.

Email Campaigns To Boost Audience

Ad Hoc Emails

Email marketing campaign for announcements about product releases. Invitations to a workshop. Special offers. Its a solution for a specific purpose, problem, or task

Recurring Emails

Recurring emails campaign are email campaigns that are supposed to be automatically sent, periodically, based on user audience target and aligned strategy.

On-Event Emails

Pre and post event marketing campaign to make your campaign or event successfully. This is used in B2B and B2C marketing campaign. You can also monitor and optimize it.

Why We Are #1 Email Marketing Agency?

Email marketing is proven to be a conversion-rich and effective method of digital marketing with an average ROI of 122% which 4x of any other form of digital marketing. However, according to Constant Contact, an email marketing company, a company is expected to earn an average of $38 for spending every $1. Another digital marketing survey revealed that email marketing brings 25% of the overall revenue of the companies who participated. In fact, the most shocking revenue driver is segmented email campaigns which can drive up to a 760% revenue increase.

Improve Your Digital Agency Revenue Now

All of your digital marketing efforts revolve around your website. So regardless of whether your marketing strategies are extraordinary, they won't be powerful if your website design can't attract your visitors and convert them.